Turn-By-Turn Driving Directions 
Driving Directions to...
The Delaware County Business Plaza

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Driving Directions to

Delaware County Business Plaza

From the South

- Take I-95 North to Exit 13 for Route 76 and Island Road

-Stay to the right side of the exit ramp and go right at the first light onto Island Road.


- Follow Island Road straight for 2.0 miles and turn left onto Main Street at the Historic Blue Bell Inn. The trolley tracks fork right onto Woodland Ave at this intersection and left onto Main Street.


- Drive 0.4 miles and turn left onto 4th street at the Sunoco station.


- Drive .4 miles and turn right onto Thatcher Avenue with Truck route.


- Delaware County Business Plaza is straight ahead but please make a left at the bottom of the hill onto 5th street

- Then immediately turn right onto Ellis and enter through the main entrance.

- Suites 1A to 1D are on the office driveway to the right.



- Suites 6 to 14F are on the left.

From the North

Take I-95 South to exit #14 for Bartram Avenue. This is the 2nd exit after the double-decker bridge.


- Drive 1/2 mile and turn right onto Island Ave at the intersection below. Then follow the same directions from the South above.


From NE Delaware County

- Follow Lansdowne Ave South and crossover Macdade Blvd at the intersection below onto Main Street.

- Turn right onto 4th street at the Sunoco station and follow the directions from the North above.

From Southern Delaware County

- Take Chester Pike North and turn right on Pine Street at the intersection below.

 - Drive 5/8 mile and turn right on 5th street at the intersection below. Then drive just 1/4 mile to the Delaware County Business Plaza complex.

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